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Reasons to Join

Reasons to Join

AHDS is a modern forward thinking union working for you. We are geared for the twenty-first century, but we have all the background knowledge and experience you would expect from a union that has represented school leaders for over 45 years.

There are many reasons to join AHDS...here are a few to think about:

  • AHDS is the only union in Scotland dedicated to headteachers, deputes and principal teachers from Early Years, ASN and Primary establishments.
  • We meet regularly with key players in Scottish Education to discuss developments and put forward the distinct views and perspectives of school leaders.
  • We provide a highly regarded professional support and advice service targeted specifically at school leaders.
  • We develop a broad range of professional development opportunities - including overseas links - designed to focus on you as a school leader. Our prices are set only to cover costs and some events are free as we understand that your CLPL budget is increasingly tight.
  • Members have access to a range of extras such as a free financial advice service, preferential rates, insurance cover for personal accident and for loss or damage to property while on school premises, a member assistance programme and outstanding car discounts for members. See AHDS Extras
  • AHDS continues to be the lowest cost association in the UK specifically for promoted post holders with a membership fee which has been frozen since June 2008! (there are no current plans for an increase.) We have discounted rates for PTs (acting and substantive) and those working 0.6FTE or less. 
  • We have an international perspective through involvement with the European School Heads Association. This provides an increasingly valuable link to similar organisations across Europe where we can share information about our systems, challenges faced and the approaches we have to bringing about change.

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