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In AHDS we are keenly aware Scotland doesn't have all the answers.  We need to be open to new ideas, learn from colleagues in other countries and consider whether and how lessons can be translated to our own context.

That is why we are a member of the European School Heads Association (ESHA) and participate in the innovative short-term exchange/shadowing experience offered by LEAP into Australia. To learn more, click on the links below.


European School Heads Association

An association of associations representing more than 64,000 school leaders

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LEAP into Australia

Shadow a peer in Australia

A unique opportunity to job-shadow a peer to gain first hand experience of another educaton system

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Global Learning Partnerships

GTCS Approved 4-week placements in Rwanda and Uganda

Applications now being accepted for @glpscotland 2019. Empower yourself, your pupils and educators in Rwanda and Uganda through this unique #CLPL opportunity. Contact Georgea.hughes@thewoodfoundation or visit www.glpscotland.org.uk for more info before 11th January.

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