Strategic Priorities


  • Deliver ‘best in class’ local networks and professional advice service.
  • Be represented in and representative of all parts of Scotland.

Career Long Professional Learning

  • Share knowledge and good practice from home and abroad.
  • Provide CLPL and networking opportunities that are high quality, relevant and timely.


  • Speak up for school leaders on issues that matter, including.
    • National Improvement Framework (including HGIOS 4 & the future of inspection)
    • Curriculum development
    • Implementation of GIRFEC
    • Census, teacher numbers and protection of management time
    • Job-sizing
    • Early learning and childcare
  • Develop and maintain influential partnerships locally, nationally and internationally.
  • Take an evidence based approach to policy development.

Through the combination of these actions AHDS will aim to continue to grow the association and strengthen member engagement.

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