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Executive & Council

This list of contact details is to allow members to contact their representatives and MUST not be used to send unsolicited commercial messages. Such messages will not be considered by them. Please contact HQ on info@ahds.org.uk with all enquiries.

National Executive

Name Post Held Email
Dr Bernadette Casey President bernadette@ahds.org.uk
Sharon McLellan Past President sharon@ahds.org.uk
Jonathan Cunningham Vice President jonathan@ahds.org.uk
Joanne Bastow ASN Sector rep. joanne@ahds.org.uk
Tim Wallace Primary rep. tim@ahds.org.uk
Jay McKnight (He/Him) Diversity and Equalities rep. jay@ahds.org.uk
Fiona Dunlop Executive Member fiona@ahds.org.uk
Catriona Smith Executive Member catriona@ahds.org.uk
Kathryn Dalrymple DHT rep. kathryn@ahds.org.uk
Alison Forbes ELC rep. alison@ahds.org.uk
Natalie Beattie PT rep. natalie@ahds.org.uk
Greg Dempster General Secretary greg@ahds.org.uk

National Council

National Executive are also members of Council.

Name School LA Email
Michelle McKay Brimmond PS Aberdeen aberdeen@ahds.org.uk
Mike Taylor Rosehearty PS Aberdeenshire aberdeenshire@ahds.org.uk
Sandra Hood Inverarity PS Angus angus@ahds.org.uk
Carolyn Randall John Logie Baird PS Argyll & Bute aandb@ahds.org.uk
Julie McKenna Redwell PS Clackmannanshire clacks@ahds.org.uk
Kathryn Fraser Gretna PS Dumfries & Galloway dandg@ahds.org.uk
Martin Armstrong Troqueer PS Dumfries & Galloway dandg2@ahds.org.uk
Karen Emmett Downfield PS Dundee dundee@ahds.org.uk
Kirsty Doncaster Darvel PS East Ayrshire eastayr@ahds.org.uk
Garry Graham Milngavie PS East Dunbartonshire edunbarton@ahds.org.uk
Bruce Murray Letham Mains PS East Lothian eastlothian@ahds.org.uk
Janine McGarvey Thornliebank PS East Renfrewshire eastrenfrew@ahds.org.uk
Grant Gillies South Morningside PS Edinburgh edinburgh1@ahds.org.uk
Margot MacAlister St. Francis PS Edinburgh edinburgh2@ahds.org.uk
Laura Jarvie Kinneil PS Falkirk falkirk@ahds.org.uk
Fraser Forsyth Carronshore PS Falkirk falkirk2@ahds.org.uk
Linda Duncan Aberhill PS Fife fifeone@ahds.org.uk
Caroline Gardiner Inverkeithing PS Fife fife2@ahds.org.uk
Mark Beattie Langlands School Glasgow glasgow1@ahds.org.uk
Douglas Chambers Caledonia PS Glasgow glasgow2@ahds.org.uk
Jane Cerexhe Oakgrove PS Glasgow glasgow3@ahds.org.uk
Julie Fraser Kinmylies PS Highland highland@ahds.org.uk
Tim Perkins Invergarry & Spean Bridge Primaries Highland highland2@ahds.org.uk
Jimmy Cox Wellington Junior School Independent independent@ahds.org.uk
Diane Donnelly Loanhead PS Midlothian midlothian@ahds.org.uk
Kirsty Carson Dalry PS North Ayrshire northayr1@ahds.org.uk
Alina Haines Abbey PS North Ayrshire northayr2@ahds.org.uk
Suzanne Brown Chapelhall PS North Lanarkshire northlan1@ahds.org.uk
Sharon McIlroy Glenmanor PS North Lanarkshire northlan2@ahds.org.uk
Wendy Bowen Orkney Council Orkney orkney@ahds.org.uk
Catharine Findlay Auchtergaven PS Perth & Kinross pandk1@ahds.org.uk
Kerstine Speight Tulloch PS Perth & Kinross pandk2@ahds.org.uk
Mhairi Peden Rashielea PS Renfrewshire renfrew@ahds.org.uk
Jamie Wilson Morebattle & Yetholm Primaries Scottish Borders scotborders@ahds.org.uk
Mark Ingram St. Cuthbert's PS South Ayrshire southayr@ahds.org.uk
Kirsty Boyle Machanhill PS South Lanarkshire headteacher@machanhill-pri.s-lanark.sch.uk
Laura Horn Newfield PS South Lanarkshire southlan1@ahds.org.uk
Pauline Brown St. Blanes PS South Lanarkshire southlan3@ahds.org.uk
Matthew Hurding Deanston PS Stirling stirling@ahds.org.uk
Joanne Paton Whitecrook PS West Dunbartonshire wdunbarton@ahds.org.uk
Martin McCusker Falla Hill PS West Lothian westlothian@ahds.org.uk
Paul Barrowman Greenrigg PS West Lothian westlothian2@ahds.org.uk

If your local authority area is not represented please do get in touch with the General Secretary, Greg Dempster (greg@ahds.org.uk), to discuss options.

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Executive & Council

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