PT and beyond - in Primary, ELC and ASN schools. We have the lowest membership fees of any school leadership union in the UK.

AHDS Membership

We offer members a range of personal and professional benefits in addition to the support, advice and representation that you would expect of your union.

Key Benefits:

  • Professional Advice
  • Information & Guidance
  • Continuous Support
  • Wesleyan Webinars
  • Member Insurances
  • Quarterly Magazines
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AHDS strives to provide the best in CLPL for members – timely, relevant and high quality. All our forthcoming opportunities are shown below. Remember, you can speed up your booking process by logging in to ‘My AHDS’ first.

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growth in 5 years

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of primary HTs in membership

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2823 Hours

support and advice to members in the last year

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15 Years

since membership fees were last increased

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We provide professional advice and support that is second to none. Our team is arranged on a geographical basis. All of our Area Officers have walked in your shoes and sat in your chair – former HTs with a wealth of experience to share.


We always want to hear from members. Please contact HQ on or call us on 07709 126328.

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