Head to Head

Screen Scotland and Film Education

Screen Scotland, part of Creative Scotland, is the national agency for all aspects of screen production, exhibition, skills and education, and a key priority for us is to ensure that everyone in Scotland has the opportunity to enjoy and benefit from film education, working in schools and other contexts through a variety of partnerships.  You can find out more about Screen Scotland and their work via the website: www.screen.scot

Film education (also known as moving image education) develops film literacy - the ability to read, write, talk and listen with moving images and sounds – alongside critical, cultural and creative knowledge and skills.  The moving image dominates global culture and communications, and these are essential capabilities for understanding and participating in the complex world we live in.  Through the study of film, we can learn not only about technical aspects of filmmaking and the industry, but also about the world we live in, the people within it, and ourselves.  

Early Years and Specialist Schools

Film is a uniquely accessible art form with mass appeal and familiarity to all regardless of other interests or preferences.  Whether viewing or making a film, incorporated are many elements of the other art forms (colour and design, music, movement, technical skills, narrative, theme, imagery and symbolism…) in a way that presents few barriers for young people.  Film education enables learners to make connections, provides access and equity, improves health and wellbeing as well as attendance and engagement at school, teaches new skills, and makes them happy!

All of this becomes particularly pertinent when dealing with children who have not yet begun to build their skills in the written word and those with Additional Support Needs who often require a specialised approach to their education.

Talk to us!

Our desire is to ensure a school-centred, education-led approach to our work, and we achieve this through making sure we talk – and listen - to educators.  We would love to speak to any school leaders looking to introduce new or enhance existing film education work within their institution.  If you would be interested in such a conversation, please contact Gail Robertson, Film Education Officer via email: Gail.Robertson@creativescotland.com