Head to Head

International Opportunities

AHDS is a proud member of the European School Heads Association and is proud of its links to Australia through the LEAP programme.  We wanted to tell you a little about the international opportunities afforded to you through these links – two opportunities abroad and one at home!

An international opportunity at home
On Tuesday 22 January, in Edinburgh, we will host an international conference “Leadership and Learning: International Perspectives”.  At that event you will have the opportunity to hear from excellent keynote speakers with international standing (Beatriz Pont from the OECD, Gillian Hamilton and Graham Donaldson), have informal discussions with representatives of most of the education systems listed in the ESHA and LEAP opportunities below and you will be able to take part in workshops which are domestically focussed but which are a product of international influence…see the full programme below and visit our development pages  https://www.ahds.org.uk/your-d... for more information or to book.

Peer Shadowing in Europe
You hear so much about how education works (or doesn’t) in different countries…do you ever wish you could get a better insight?  With the ESHA job-shadowing programme you can.  One week in a peer’s school, walking in their shoes.  Then they come to you.  
Deep learning, relationship building, low cost.  Those are the three key themes we had in mind when we developed this programme with ESHA colleagues…and it turns out it is entirely free for Scottish delegates if you are enrolled in the Excellence in Headship programme.

So, if this sounds interesting to you and you’d like an exchange with a peer in Norway, Denmark, Finland, Slovenia, Croatia, Ireland or in another part of the UK…you have two options.  If you are on EiH you can request more information from SCEL about the application process via them.  Successful candidates will have ESHA’s matching fee paid and will receive a budget to pay for travel.  If you are not on EiH then you can still opt to undertake an exchange…it will cost €150 for the matching, visit https://www.esha.org/esha-job-... for more details.  

Peer Shadowing in Australia
Similar to the ESHA programme outlined above, the LEAP (Leading Educators Around the Planet) opportunity is just a little further afield.  Taking advantage of the different holiday pattern in the southern hemisphere AHDS members are able to combine a holiday down-under with a shadowing visit during our summer break.  The hosting Australian peer then comes to visit in October for the return leg.  The deadline for applications for a 2019 exchange is the end of 2018 though there is usually a little flexibility… You can apply to take part via the LEAP form on our website - https://www.ahds.org.uk/your-d...
Are you a match?
Already, two applications have been received from Australians who are keen to come to Scotland – a little about each is set out below – if you think you might be a good fit, please don’t hesitate to visit the LEAP website to apply or to find out more.

Jan is a primary principal in an environmental school. Jan’s passion is environmental education and her school provides this service for schools around Sydney. It is a small school setting.  Her school is one of twenty-six Environmental and Zoo Education Centres operated by the NSW Department of Education.  The Centre designs and implements relevant and contemporary teaching and learning programs within the context of the natural, cultural and built environments. There is a strong emphasis on student centred /inquiry based learning programs utilising a range of current information and communication technologies.  Jan will be travelling (next September) with her partner Chris.

Sharon has been involved in LEAP for many years and has completed the peer-shadowing with Ontario. Sharon was a primary principal until very recently. Sharon has now taken a promotion to Director (superintendent) position in the Newcastle/Hunter area.  She comes highly recommended. Sharon is happy to be matched with a Head Teacher or a person at her current level. Sharon will be travelling (next September) with her partner Alan.