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How STEM Ambassadors can support primary school STEM

Did you know there are thousands of volunteers in Scotland available to support young people with a range of STEM activities in primary schools for free?

STEM Ambassadors are people working or studying in a STEM field, who have been PVG-checked by STEM Learning, who give up their time to help demonstrate the value of STEM subjects and careers.

The benefit of using STEM Ambassadors in the classroom include:

  • Increased engagement in STEM
  • Increased awareness of the importance of STEM
  • Increased understanding of STEM subjects
  • Increased aspiration and knowledge of STEM careers

STEM Ambassadors can work with teachers and young people in person or virtually, there’s no limit to the ways in which they can support. They:

  • show how STEM subjects apply in the real world
  • illustrate what a career in STEM really looks like and share their own stories
  • challenge young people to solve real-life problems
  • bring specialist equipment for young people to experience
  • make STEM relatable by bringing experience of the everyday into lessons

David Rigmand, Depute Head Teacher at Todholm Primary School in Paisley describes their experience of using STEM Ambassadors:

“Working with STEM ambassadors has been pivotal in developing STEM practice whilst raising careers aspirations for our pupils. Wider research has also show that inspiring STEM role models can boost learners’ Science Capital and help them see a future for themselves in STEM. Schools in Renfrewshire have been working with STEM ambassadors from Doosan Babcock and Master’s students from Glasgow Caledonian University in recent years to support clubs and enhance the value of collaborative projects for learners and the local community. Learners have thoroughly enjoyed working with STEM ambassadors in school, at university, and on site, as they make purposeful links to STEM in society and in turn bring their learning experiences to life.”

Requesting a STEM Ambassador

You can request a STEM Ambassador to deliver a new activity or support an existing one. To start, simply create an account on the STEM Learning website where you’ll be able to place a request for a STEM Ambassador.

STEM Ambassadors in Scotland, based at SSERC, is available to support you to access the STEM Ambassador Programme, including providing training, resources and organising events to help schools engage with STEM Ambassadors.

To help you get started there is Teacher Pack available with all the information you need to create an account and place your first activity request: https://resources.stemambassadors.scot/resources/teachers-guide-to-stem-ambassadors/

STEM Ambassadors in Scotland Week is an annual celebration of STEM in Scotland

Celebrate STEM Ambassadors in Scotland (SAIS) Week with us from 31 Jan to 6 Feb.  We will be sharing a range of resources and opportunities with you, from finding out more about how Scottish researchers are saving the world to interactive online Q&A sessions with STEM Ambassadors from the Food and Drink sector.  To ensure you receive our teacher handbook in December and keep up to date on all thing SAIS Week please complete our Express Interest form: https://www.stemambassadors.scot/saisweek  

Forestry & Aquaculture in STEM Week

The hub also works with partners to create unique opportunities such as The Chief Forester’s Competition, new for this year and in partnership with Lantra this challenge is an opportunity for Primary School aged pupils to learn more about trees and forests to design their own treehouse. The winner will receive a £50 gift card as well as £250 of resources for their school.

You can find out more and participate in this competition here: https://www.stemambassadors.scot/forestry-and-aquaculture-week

If you have any questions or would like more information, visit our website or email: