Visible Learning in Action

Visible Learning in Action

A Case-study of how ‘Visible Learning’ has dramatically transformed Student Achievement - Sheryll Ofner

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Tuesday 2nd May, 9.30am - 2.30pm

The New Struan School, Alloa

This one-day session will be about how the ‘Visible Learning’ research has been brought to life at Selwyn College in a model for effective teaching and learning that has dramatically transformed student achievement.

In 2008, New Zealand’s Minister of Education labelled Selwyn College - a state secondary school in central Auckland - ‘a failing school’. The development and embedding of the model: ‘SELWISE – Our Toolkit for Effective Learning’ meant that by 2012, John Hattie declared on national radio that Selwyn College had undergone; ‘the most significant turnaround of any school I’ve seen in the last five years’.  

The presentation will cover how this dramatic turnaround has been realised; how SELWISE has been developed and deeply embedded throughout the school. Evidence of the dramatic shift in student achievement over time will demonstrate how critical teachers’ consistent and explicit use of the toolkit has been in enabling each student to develop a deep understanding of the ‘game’ of learning and the power to be in control of it.

If you are interested in the work of John Hattie and want to hear about how one school leader has truly breathed life into the principles of Visible Learning in her school, this is for you!

About Sheryll 

Sheryll Ofner is Principal of Selwyn College. At the time of her appointment in May 2008, the school roll was falling rapidly, achievement rates were low and there was significant community agitation for change. Sheryll was charged with leading this change and, by 2015, the New Zealand Education Review Office reported that as a result of Selwyn’s 'accelerated transformation' it had become ‘a high performing school'.

2 May 2017 - 2 May 2017 - Alloa (The New Struan School)

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