STEM & 1+2 Language Learning: Supporting Transitions

STEM & 1+2 Language Learning: Supporting Transitions

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We all know that effective transitions in education are crucially important to maintain pace of learning, enthusiasm, engagement and outcomes for pupils.  This day conference will be a day of two halves focussing on successful practice in transitions in two different areas of the curriculum – STEM and 1+2 language learning.

Zoe Inglis – ‘A Rationale for Curricular Transition’

Zoe is the Curricular Transitions Development Officer for Renfrewshire’s Attainment Challenge, previously Principal Teacher Support (Guidance).  Her keynote will set the scene by offering insight into why a focus on curricular transition and seamless progression is so important in our journey to deliver better outcomes for children, young people and families. Zoe coordinates the work of the curricular transitions workstream in Renfrewshire.  Recently the local authority received an excellent inspection report for the innovative use of Scottish Attainment Challenge funding. The transition teacher team was highlighted in the report as ‘a highly effective workforce…who work across sectors to support curricular transitions.’ This approach has had significant impact in:
•    building increasingly strong cross sector relationships;
•    developing opportunities for cross sector learning, planning and moderation;
•    sharing pedagogy across sectors to support learning and teaching and skills progression; and
•    using data to track progress, inform next steps and find ‘what works’

STEM Keynote: Alistair MacGregor – Effective transitions through STEM

Alistair’s keynote will offer insights into the role and impact that a mentor based primary cluster programme can have in supporting both the STEM curriculum and transition.

Alastair MacGregor has been the Chief Executive Officer at SSERC from September 2017, prior to this he was Head of STEM at the Scottish Qualifications Authority.   

SSERC offers a broad portfolio of services, principally in support of the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) areas of the curriculum, which are not available from any other source and which can be broken down into three main stands of activity:-
•    Provision of Career Long Professional Learning (CLPL) for early years, primary and secondary teachers and school and college technicians
•    The Advisory Service
•    Lead Coordination role for STEM Ambassadors in Scotland and wider STEM engagement activities
Alastair is also the Chair of the Volunteers' Advisory Group and Vice Chair of the Education and Careers Committee for the Institute of Food Science and Technology.

STEM Workshops

Workshop 1 - STEM as a vehicle to ensure a successful and engaging transition from Primary to Secondary

Graeme Rough (Project Manager SSERC, Young STEM Leader Programme and Euan Mitchell (Head of Early Years and Primary Education, SSERC)

Sharing from a management perspective the success of having STEM on both cluster and school improvement plans to allow a robust and coherent approach to Science and other STEM subjects within the Wallace High School Learning Community.  The workshop will focus on:
•    STEM transition beginning at P5 with a maths challenge, P6 K’Nex challenge and P7 science progression plans showing expectations prior to starting S1.
•    Sharing experiences of engaging staff, building confidence and providing leadership opportunities to enthusiastic staff.
•    Planning Inset days to allow the entire staff of the WHS Learning Community to come together for a whole day of hands on experiential science activities, sharing experiences and discussing how this could be replicated and implemented back in their own settings.
•    Providing an online support network for the mentors.
•    What we had to what is in place now.
•    Sharing the successes from the voice of the pupils – pupils currently at WHS to speak about their involvement within the transition programme from Primary to Secondary. Their achievements and the development of the STEM skills being shared with other pupils (Young STEM Leader)

Workshop 2 - North Lanark LEA wide STEM project – Journey so far. Impact on pupils and staff

Greenfaulds High School Cluster - Chaired by Alastair Macgregor

Sharing the successes of SSERC’s Primary Cluster Programme - highlighting the increased partnership between Greenfaulds High and all associated Primary schools.

•    Focussing on the support provided by the SMT in each school and the support network established between the mentors.
•    Providing ideas and inspiration for other learning communities to improve their transition programme through STEM.
•    Looking at the engagement and successes of the implementation of STEM subjects across BGE.
•    Transferrable STEM skills development from year to year. (Progressive programme)
•    Leadership opportunities within the mentor network - developing the skills and confidence of the staff as STEM becomes more embedded within the curriculum.
•    Positive transition events – showcase and year programme

Workshop 3 - Smooth transitions using Digital Tools

Darren Grant – SSERC Education Manager - Digital Skills

In this session we will explore and consider the benefits of using digital tools to promote effective transitions at all stages. The tools in this session are all GDPR compliant and are free, or available through Glow.
We will look at Seesaw, a digital portfolio that can promote open and effective home/school links, as well as a tool to gather evidence of progress and allow pupils to reflect regularly on how they are progressing towards identified targets.
OneNote allows teachers to gather and organise evidence of learning that can be shared with management, other staff or parents. It can be a powerful tool for job share partners to promote open channels of communication as well as a space for staff and pupils to collaborate on assignments.
Google Sites enables pupils to create a digital profile that can pull together work from all areas of the curriculum. This can and has been used as a replacement for the traditional P7 transition profile that can give a more rounded picture of pupils and their strengths, skills and next steps.

1+2 Language Learning keynote – Lawrence Findlay: Effective transitions through 1+2

The importance and benefits of language learning particularly in the current global context.

Lawrence's keynote will focus on the life skills which can be developed through language learning and how effective transitions can support young people towards becoming effective global contributors and responsible global citizens.

Laurence has been Director of Education and Children’s Services in Aberdeenshire Council since July 2018 and was previously the seconded Regional Improvement Lead for the Northern Alliance Regional Improvement Collaborative. Prior to this he worked in Moray Council in a variety of roles, Principal Teacher of Modern Languages and Depute Head Teacher at Keith Grammar School, then Head Teacher at Forres Academy and then Head of Schools and Director. Earlier in his career he taught in Fraserbrugh Academy in Aberdeenshire and started his career as a teacher of Modern Languages in Edinburgh. He studied French and German at the University of Stirling. Laurence is also the co-chair of the National Strategic Implementation Group for Languages and remains a passionate advocate for languages learning.

1+2 Language Learning workshops

Workshop 4 – Windows on practice: Broughton Cluster & Perth Grammar Cluster

This workshop will offer an opportunity to hear about the 1+2 approach to transitions in two different school clusters.
Pamela Tosh and Rona Ferguson of the Broughton cluster will share their experience of joint working and planning for 1+2 and how this has impacted on transition practice in modern languages in the cluster.  They will also describe opportunities for language training and joint transition projects. Their Language Ambassador programme will also feature.

The Perth Grammar School cluster has used TLCs, digital learning, collegiate working and a cross-cluster transition project to not just deliver the entitlements of the 1+2 Language Learning policy but to make language-learning a positive experience for all learners throughout the BGE and in to the Senior Phase.

Workshop 5 – In Depth: Larbert Cluster

At Larbert High School cluster, a team of language enthusiasts from each cluster primary and nursery came together to produce an engaging programme to embed Language Learning into Primary and Nursery in line with the Scottish Government’s 1+2 policy. We wanted to build a sense of a ‘languages community’, to improve ethos and attitude to learning a language, amongst pupils and teachers. We did this by launching our plans at an in-service day on all things Spanish, including the rationale, resources and lessons. From this we designed a sustainable CLPL model where secondary modern languages teachers voluntarily taught Spanish to all staff members of the cluster over a ten-week block and we jointly created a policy document compete with lesson outlines, skills and IDL links. In this hour we aim to talk you through our journey, give members of the audience a chance to unpick the support document and come together to share ideas and engage in a question and answer session.

Workshop 6 - Getting Curricular Transitions Right – How can we best prepare children and young people to navigate their way through transition and beyond?

Zoe Inglis, Renfrewshire Council

During this interactive workshop, delegates will consider:

  • a rationale for curricular transition within their own context;
  • how they can best support children and young people to progress with pace and challenge through one curriculum (but across different sectors); and
  • how they can plan for change of curricular transition processes in order to better support progression.

The session will offer delegates an opportunity to reflect on curricular transition processes, consider the benefits of developing a more seamless curricular pathway and to begin the process of planning for change.

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31 May 2019 - 31 May 2019 - Cumbernauld


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