Managing Menopause

Managing Menopause

Our workforce is ageing—over four million women aged 50-64 are in work. This number is growing. There are few workplaces, then, unaffected by the menopause. How do you care for and support those affected?

Health Assured offer sensitive, empathetic training in the issues around menopause. You’ll discover what the Menopause actually is, how it affects the body and mind, and how to support people at this time of life in the workplace and beyond.

Management teams will learn how to support their staff who are going through the menopause and what they can do to create an open, inclusive and supportive culture in the workplace.

For members experiencing any of the stages of menopause themselves this session may also assist in your own understanding.

This free session will run from 4 - 5pm on 22nd February and is for AHDS members only.

In this session the following will be covered:

Introduction to mental health awareness in the workplace:
• Aims and Objectives
• Understanding The Menopause – Group Discussion

What is the Menopause?
• What is the Menopause?
• Myths surrounding Menopause
• Common symptoms associated

The Stages of The Menopause
• Perimenopause
• The Menopause
• Post Menopause
• Understand the hormone changes

Why is Menopause in the workplace an issue?

The Workplace and The Menopause
• Age and gender inclusive workforce
• The legal context
• Why does it matter?

Emotional Impact
• The link between the Menopause and Anxiety / Depression?
• An overview of common symptoms of Depression
• An overview of common symptoms of Anxiety
• The role of oestrogen and Menopause
• The positives of Menopause

How to Support Those Experiencing The Menopause - Discussion
• Based on what you’ve learnt so far, how would you support colleagues experiencing the Menopause?

Supporting The Menopause
• What can you do to support your employees as SMT?
• Supporting yourself through the Menopause
• Creating an open, inclusive and supportive culture
• Manage health and sickness

Best Practice and EAP
• Promoting good people management
• Overview of EAP and support available through Health Assured.
• My Healthy Advantage
• Additional support networks and signposting

Dr Jane A Jones Biography

Jane is an Institute of Training and Occupational Learning qualified coach, a Neurolinguistic Programming Master Practitioner and a registered Human Givens psychotherapist. Most of her career has been as a medical practitioner, working for more than 25 years in the health sector; first as a General Practitioner and later as a Consultant in Public Health for the Health Protection Agency/Public Health England, during which time she established a national unit in the field of Travel and Migrant Health. Her role in this capacity involved working with a wide variety of organisations in the public and private sectors, at governmental level, and internationally, as well as public and professional facing communication. She has wide professional experience of teaching and facilitation, of leading people to deliver projects, and of helping individuals achieve their professional and personal life goals. Outside her professional life Jane sings in a choir and has been highly active in community theatre including writing, acting and directing plays. Now retired from medicine she has her own private coaching/psychotherapy practice and also works freelance in leadership development and health/mental health education.

22 February 2022 - 22 February 2022 - Online (MS Teams)

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