Joint Headship

Joint Headship

Details of our 2017 event have yet to be confirmed.

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Event Information

Less than a decade ago every school in Scotland had its own Headteacher.  In some rural areas joint-headships – where one school management team or one HT is responsible for more than one school – were established either as a response to:

  • A lack of applications for headship.
  • Concerns that the role of Teaching Headteacher was becoming less tenable.
  • Budget pressures
  • …or a combination of all three.

In recent years all three of these issues have been amplified and as a result the number of Joint Headships in Scotland has seen a huge increase and shows no signs of abating.  However, there is huge variety in what it means to be part of a Joint Headship management team.  In many areas the arrangements have come about in an unstructured and sometimes haphazard manner with little clarity about the role and expectations.  In other areas there have been long consultation periods and the development of protocols and plans for how these structures should operate.

This event aims to give delegates an opportunity to share, compare and reflect with peers on the key issues they face.  So,  If you are part of a management team looking after more than one school (are soon to move into such a role or are considering it) then this event is for you.


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