Annual Conference and AGM 2019

Annual Conference and AGM 2019

Our 2019 annual conference is being held at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Glasgow on 21st & 22nd November. 

The programme is being finalised and booking will open shortly. To be the first to hear about this make sure you have opted in to our event emails - you can do so by logging in to your profile on our website or emailing stating 'Opt in'.

By attending the AGM on Thursday 21st November you will have the opportunity to shape the work of the Association.  Post-holders for the National Executive and motions from members are heard and discussed.  Motions have the capacity to make a big impact on the priorities of the Association and can be of great interest to the media and to key decision-makers.

National Executive Nominations

This year all roles on National Executive are up for election apart from General Secretary (this is elected on a five-year term and will next be subject to election in 2021).  These are:

  • President (2 year term)
  • Vice-President
  • Executive Member (2 posts)
  • Deputes Representative
  • Principal Teacher Representative
  • Primary representative
  • Nursery Representative
  • ASN Representative

Nominations for these roles need to be with the General Secretary by no later than 60 days before the AGM on 21 November (so, by 22 September).

The nomination form is available here.


Some of you might not be familiar with the term ‘motions’ or how to go about submitting one.  Here is a quick guide.

What is a motion and how do I submit one?

Put simply, a motion is a statement of a policy which you think should be adopted by the Association.  It might be about some change to the Association itself or it may seek to agree a policy position the Association should take on external matters (e.g. curriculum developments, terms and conditions, pensions, etc.)  A motion must be proposed and seconded by members who will be present at the AGM.  The proposer and seconder get an opportunity to present their motion to the AGM to let other delegates know why it is an important issue and why it ought to be supported.  Conference then discusses the motion and any amendments proposed.  The conference then votes on whether to adopt any amendments and finally whether to support the motion.  If a motion is supported at AGM then it will be pursued as appropriate by National Council and Executive.  

To submit a motion…if you have an active local group please contact your local secretary otherwise contact Greg Dempster (e: tel:0333 1210051) as soon as possible. If you want, Greg is more than happy to discuss possible motions and help you agree wording. 

DEADLINE – Under our constitution motions which seek to change the constitution must be received by the General Secretary no later than 60 days before the first day of conference.  So, 22nd September this year. Other motions (e.g. commenting on policy) must be submitted at least 15 days before the AGM (so before 6th November).

The motions form can be found here.

21 November 2019 - 22 November 2019 - Glasgow (Crowne Plaza Hotel)

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