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Workload Survey Report 2016-2019

Workload Survey Report 2016-2019

For the past four years around 1000 AHDS members have responded to a series of questions about their workload. This report draws together their responses.  It highlights the key issues facing our members which all highlight the need to increase the management time available in our schools or to find ways to reduce the workload of our school leaders.  AHDS is very concerned by the low and diminishing levels of interest in becoming a Head Teacher and believe that two key actions are required to avoid a recruitment crisis. 

  • Increase the capacity of management teams – this might be done by adding staff or by taking steps to reduce the class commitment expected of DHTs and Principal Teachers. 
  • Provide additional release time for those aspiring to headship to undertake the highly regarded (and soon to be obligatory) ‘Into Headship’ qualification.

A digest of this report will be published in the June edition of Head to Head.  The full report can be downloaded here 2016 19 Workload National Final

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