Parents have an unquestionable right to challenge schools or local authorities when they have concerns about provision for their child. Members all across Scotland recognise that taking time to understand and respond to any issues raised is part of the role of a leader in school. Sometimes, however, members find themselves a situation where a parent complains about them or aspects of the school at every turn. This can quickly become hugely draining on member time, energy reserves and emotional resilience.   Members who have found themselves on the receiving end of such a campaign need robust support from their employer. In some areas local authorities have very supportive policies setting out how these situations will be resolved. We believe that these policies ought to be in place in every authority.

AHDS has sought to identify where local authorities have strong policies for responding to vexatious complaints and/or unreasonable behaviour from members of the public. We are now writing to all local authorities where no such policy appears to be in place and highlighting supportive policies from elsewhere.

In the meantime, if you find yourself in the position outlined above, get in touch with your local group or AHDS Area Officer for support.