Until now teachers’ access to educational research has been limited, with access to online research journals largely restricted to those matriculated with a university. The new GTCS service, run in collaboration with EBSCO, provides registered teachers in Scotland with the support they need to access, engage with and apply findings from educational research.

Dr Zoè Robertson, Acting Head of Educational Services at GTCS, said:

‘GTCS recognises the importance of research to teachers and Scottish education. It is essential that teachers are provided with relevant access to research publications to enable them to engage with research, and for this to become an integral part of their professional learning and Professional Update.

‘One of the principal concerns about Professional Update is access to suitable resources for teachers. We think this free service for teachers is a good start in addressing this concern.

The EBSCO agreement is another example of the range of free services offered to registered teachers as part of their £50 annual registration fee. The service is being run for an initial year-long trial period and is available online through each registered teacher’s personal MyGTCS account. It includes three key resources.

  1.  EBSCO Education Source: a collection of over 1,700 journals, a selection of eBooks, and additional research resources in the field of education.
  2. The Leadership and Management Learning Centre: content specifically aimed at the field of leadership and management, drawing on resources from industry, as well as education.
  3. eBooks: a selection of relevant eBooks chosen by GTCS, which will operate on a lending library basis.

 To access the EBSCO service teachers should do the following:

  1.  Login to their MyGTCS account
  2. Click the ‘Research’ tab in the navigation bar
  3. Click on any of the links which will take you to the EBSCO resources
  4. There is a wealth of information about how to navigate the EBSCO service within the ‘Research’ in MyGTCS. Teachers are encouraged to read this information before trying to access journals and e-books

An online training session on how to access and use the EBSCO resources can be arranged by GTCS for key staff in central local authority posts or within schools. This will provide an opportunity to build capacity and to enable staff to support a wide range of colleagues in accessing the EBSCO services. 

If you are interested in accessing this service please contact Dr Zoe Robertson, GTCS Acting Head of Educational Services at zoe.robertson@gtcs.org.uk

In addition to the launch of this new service, a Research Engagement Group (REG) has been set up to help support, promote and facilitate critical engagement with research.

A range of colleagues across the education community who are currently actively engaged with educational research and/or supporting others with this were invited to be part of the REG. It will have around 15–20 members from schools, local authorities, the independent sector, further education, universities and national bodies.

Zoè said: ‘During this initial year-long trial, we will gather data on the use of the online journals and views from users about their experiences of the EBSCO package. This will help us ensure we provide the best support to facilitate engagement and can evaluate fully the impact and effectiveness of the service.

‘In addition, it is hoped that colleagues across the education community will also contribute to this project by promoting and supporting engagement in research and with educational journals.’

To find out more about GTCS and the EBSCO research resource visit: www.gtcs.org.uk/research-engagement