Reduced Class Contact Time

Issue Head Teachers and Deputes are being relied upon to cover RCCT for classroom teachers.
Headline position

Head Teachers and Deputes are being diverted from leading and managing schools as they are spending large blocks of time covering RCCT for classroom teachers. This is caused by staff absence and lack of supply cover but perhaps more importantly by management time being included by a significant number of education authorities in their staffing calculations to meet the needs of teachers’ RCCT. Management time needs to be protected if school leaders are to do their jobs effectively

Potentially fragmented education for pupils resulting in significant concerns that the quality of education during RCCT is being negatively affected.

Full position

AHDS is concerned that schools have not been allocated full resources to allow them to properly implement RCCT commitments flowing from A Teaching Profession for the 21st Century.  AHDS seeks transparency and equity in the funding of these national commitments.

The role of the HT as understood from ‘A Teaching Profession for the 21st Century’ demands that time is given to allow effective school leadership and management.  If head teachers and deputes spend significant unplanned time in the classroom then this reduces their capacity to manage and lead others.

Staff absences are problematic.  Getting cover at short notice means there can seldom be continuity of planned learning which almost inevitably means there will be a reduction in the quality of education.

The lack of flexibility in giving teachers RCCT has resulted in the focus shifting entirely to the delivery of that time rather than on the quality of education being provided.  As a result many head teachers deliver whole school assemblies to cover non class contact time.  In most cases this will not provide quality educational input.

AHDS strongly recommends a degree of flexibility with regard to the delivery of RCCT and insists on adequate resources which do not include reliance on management time.