Impact of School Closure on staff

Impact of School Closure on staff

Issue Impact of School Closure on Heads, Deputes and Principal Teachers.
Headline position AHDS recognises the need for school closures and mergers on educational and financial reasons while strongly defending the employment position of affected Heads, Deputes and Principal Teachers.
Full position

School closures and mergers are becoming more common due to falling pupil rolls and the need to provide accommodation that is fit for 21st Century education and for financial reasons.

While many local communities fight to retain their local school we recognise that closures and mergers can in many cases be a positive move for pupils.

In order to protect our members who may be affected by school closure or merger we strongly recommend that the following procedures/arrangements should be adhered to as a minimum entitlement.

If any member is displaced they should be utilised by the authority by mutual agreement in a post at the level of their substantive post to maximise the use of their skills, strengths and experience.

If within 5 years of statutory retirement from the Scottish Teachers Pension Scheme the offer of enhanced pension should be made.

In all cases salary conservation arrangements set out in Teachers’ conditions of service should be seen as a minimum and every effort should be made to ensure those affected do not suffer financially.

In all cases authorities should ensure that communication with staff is a priority and make every effort to inform them of potential closure/merger before announcements are made to the general public. Authorities have a duty of care to staff and the shock of finding out about closure or merger without prior warning must be avoided.

Following such announcements, support must be offered, both professional and personal, to assist staff through the closure or merger process and in the aftermath. Merged schools may require higher staffing ratios, extra support staff and certainly extra resources and these should be provided as a matter of course.