Established in 1975, the Association of Headteachers & Deputes in Scotland (AHDS) is a trade union for Headteachers and Deputes from nursery, primary and special schools in Scotland.

We are a modern, forward thinking, organisation with all the background knowledge and experience you would expect from a union that has represented school leaders for over 30 years.

We run professional and successful campaigns on a range of issues. We work in partnership with the Scottish Government and local authorities as well as other key players in Scottish Education to represent the interests of our membership in the development of education policy and practice.

Our goal is to ensure that our Members get a good deal as employees and that Scotland’s children get the best deal possible throughout their education.

In addition we provide a legal safety net for our members should they ever need to call upon it.

AHDS has no political affiliation nor is it a member of the STUC.

Successful campaigns

  • We have long argued that the 5-14 curriculum was too prescriptive and restrictive for primary professionals. We have also, over the years, put a great emphasis on the importance of early years. While not alone in making these points we feel we have won the argument with the advent of the 3-18 curriculum, A Curriculum for Excellence.
  • In the run up to the Scottish elections in 2007 we campaigned on four main issues: protection of nursery education; management time for school leaders; free school meals; and inclusion. Most of these points featured in the manifestos of all the main parties. The current Government has a very strong focus on pre-school and early years of primary – we continue to work with them on this.
  • Since the advent of job-sizing we have been highlighting the inconsistency of application, anomalies and secrecy of the job-sizing toolkit. At the start of 2008 the SNCT started a review of the guidance relating to the application of the toolkit. We view this as a promising development and continue to press for a full review.