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AHDS is a modern forward thinking union working for you. We are geared for the twenty-first century, but we have all the background knowledge and experience you would expect from a union that has represented school leaders for over 40 years.

AHDS is dedicated to school leaders – we are wholly focussed on the perspective of heads, deputes and principal teachers from nursery, primary and ASN schools around Scotland. We are here to represent your interests in policy debates and to support you should you run into conflict with your staff or your employer.

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‘I’ve been an active member of several teaching unions in the last 2 decades of my professional life and AHDS is far and away the most focused and professional.’

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Feedback about our March 2015 events:

‘This has been my 1st AHDS course, really enjoyed it! (So much so – I’ve joined!)’

‘AHDS events, always stimulating and enjoyable’

‘Thank You – best day in AGES!’

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